Niche Consulting training and development programmes are designed by Registered Psychologists who have over 10 years experience in programme design and facilitation behind them.

We customise our training solutions to organisations andTraining Cycle believe in a scientific approach where we build in numerous exercises within the programmes to solidify learning. 

We continually try to improve our programmes and rather than an off the shelf approach we endeavour to customise the programme to an organisation’s needs. 

All of our workshops

  • Have a research foundation
  • Have track records of improvement
  • Are customised to fit in with an organisation’s formal and informal reinforcement methods and protocols

Our facilitators have extensive facilitation and design experience.

Our Development Model

Training & Development Model

Our development model separates skills training from attribute development, as they differ greatly in depth of learning that needs to occur for development outcomes to be optimised.

Programme Workshops Available

Management Skills

  • Performance Management – ½ day
  • Recruitment Skills – ½ day – 1 dayDifferent programmes for different needs and levels
  • Delegation - ½ day

Leadership Skills

  • Leadership Style - 2 days
  • Coaching Skills - 1 day
  • Motivating Individuals – 1 day

Life Skills

  • Managing goal achievement - ½ day
  • Resilience to Stress - ½ day
  • Time management – 1 day

People Skills

  • Communication - Path of dialogue – 2 days
  • Dealing with Difficult People – 1 day

The Life skills and People skills workshops are appropriate for all employees. These Workshops ensure the individual looks at their own needs and motivations and how they impact their private and work life.

Group training programmes can be done onsiteEach workshop helps individuals to understand their current level of skill or style of behaviour, and also how it impacts on their aptitude to be able to work with others and perform their role successfully.

The Management and Leadership skills workshops are applicable for those currently in, or being prepared for, leadership roles. These workshops enhance an individuals influencing and decision making skills and competence.

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NZ Psychological Society
SIOP - Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology
ITC - International
Testing Commision
NZAPT - NZ Association for Psychological Type

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