We have experienced team building facilitators who can customise team building sessions to meet our clients’ needs and team building session objectives.

A Team Building Workshops should:Team building should assist individuals to understand each other and find ways to work better together

  • Be non judgmental
  • Focus on the strengths as well as potential pitfalls of all individual styles
  • Assist individuals and teams to work with their differences and learn to see them as strengths
  • Increase self awareness
  • Give a better understanding of others in the team

We design sessions that can enhance a team's performance and appreciation of individual differences.

Team Typing Assessments in Team Building

Team type assessments such as the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) can be used to improve understanding of individuals' strengths, weaknesses and contributions to the team.

The MBTI assessment helps individual to discover normal differences in 4 aspects of behaviour:Four different MBTI preferences

  • Extroversion / Introversion - energy source
  • Sensing / iNtuition - information gathering
  • Thinking / Feeling - decision making
  • Judging / Perceiving – preferred lifestyle

The Myers Briggs team type tool to assist the team to better understand how each team member prefers to communicate, problem solve, plan and evaluate. 

This understanding allows participants to appreciate and learn how to capitalise on personal strengths and the strengths of others, supplement and augment areas they may overlook and areas that do not come easily to them.

There is a MBTI team report which is informative about the whole team and their type, as well as blind spots and decision making processes. 

Click here to download a pdf sample MBTI team report.

We have other team typing tools available such as Belbin and TMI read more team typing assessments

Team Workshop Format and Content

When designing team development sessions the format will depend on the organisation's or team's objectives, however generally a session would include some of the following:

  • Team problem solving exercisesIcebreaker
  • Objective setting
  • Understanding team types and styles
  • Group exercises - such as leaderless discussion or fun problem solving

A team building session could be as short as half a day and may go up to 2 days in length.

Click here to download a pdf of this team development page

NZAPT - NZ Association for Psychological Type
NZ Psychological Society
SIOP - Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology
ITC - International
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