Coaching stagesNiche Consulting offers executive and leadership coaching services to our clients. 

Our coaches are:

  • Registered Psychologists registered psychologists
  • Have business experience
  • Able to draw on a range of coaching and psychological techniques
  • Expert in the diagnosis of the underlying causes that may affect a person’s effectiveness

Our coaching programmes follow the following steps:

1. Diagnosis & Assessment

2. Feedback

  • Feedback of information from Assessments and integrate with other information.

3. Coaching Plan & Objectives

  • Agree on the coaching goals, objectives and developing a coaching plan and contract.
  • Where appropriate the sponsor or manager may also be involved.
  • Once agreed the plan can start to be implemented.

4. Coaching SessionsExercises and problem solving together

  • The actual coaching sessions include exercises, tasks, reflection and review to assist the individual in working on their areas for development.
  • The coach will prepare homework and readings for the participant to complete between sessions toassist in learning and putting things into action.
  • The coach is there as a guide, support and challenger of the participant to assist them.

5. Evaluation

  • Once the coaching programme has been completed then the participant reviews the effectiveness of the programme to meet the programme objectives.
  • Where sponsors or managers are involved they also may evaluate the effectiveness of the programme.
Niche has the following guiding principles that we follow when coaching:
  • Challenge - One of the roles we will play is to challenge and provide honest feedback to the participant.  This feedback is objective and constructive in nature.
  • CareWe will ensure the coaching participants’ interests are protected at all times and the sessionscaring and challenge is required in coaching are confidential in nature.
  • CustomisedEvery individual has different needs and they are unique in what will work for them in coaching.  As such our coaching is customised to them rather than prescriptive in nature.
  • ImpactWe support the participant to grow and develop so they can have the results they want from the coaching.   While the participant has to be the one to develop their new skills, we will do everything we can to ensure this happens and the impact they want is achieved.

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NZ Psychological Society
SIOP - Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology
ITC - International
Testing Commision
NZAPT - NZ Association for Psychological Type

APA- American Psychological Association

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