The following instructions are for the SHL Verify Online Ability tests:

  • These ability tests can be completed online in your own time. 
  • These assessments have a time limit and we recommend you do these in a quiet place without interruptions. 
  • If you are completing a numerical reasoning test, then you can use a calculator.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: There are very specific computer and browser specifications that you need to follow to ensure the test will operate properly on your computer. 
  • Before you start the test(s) we recommend you check your computer settings (Note: the JAVA information and fix only applies if you are doing SkillSoft Training).
You can check your computer settings on this link:

For information outlining the System Requirements please click on this link:


When you click on the button at the end of these instructions, you will need to follow these instructions:

  • Enter your User Name: (sent separately to you)
  • Enter your Password: (sent separately to you)
  • Follow the instructions on the website

Click here to start the SHL Assessment

The screen you see should look similar to the one below:

SHL log-on page

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