There are two types of administration conditions that a psychological assessment needs to be done under:

  1. Proctored Tests (Supervised) - assessments that need to be done in a supervised setting, such as most timed ability testsSome tests can be administered unsupervised, such as many personality assessments.
  2. Un-proctored Tests (Unsupervised) - assessments that can be done unsupervised, such as many personality questionnaires which have no time limit. There are also some ability tests that do not need to be proctored.

There are some pros and cons of doing ability tests in an unproctored settings and these are read more read more about unproctored ability tests

Our assessment process is streamlined to ensure we can turnaround assessments in a fast and efficient manner, as well as, ensure candidate care for the individuals completing the assessments. Read more about our psychological assessment process psychometric assessment process 

Test Administration Locations

For our proctored (supervised) tests we have administrators who we use in the following New Zealand and Australian centres:

New Zealand


  1. Ashburton
  2. Auckland
  3. Blenheim
  4. Christchurch
  5. Dunedin
  6. Gisborne
  7. Hamilton
  8. Invercargill
  9. Napier
  10. Nelson
  11. New Plymouth
  12. Palmerston North
  13. Queenstown
  14. Rotorua
  15. Tauranga
  16. Timaru
  17. Taupo
  18. Whanganui
  19. Wellington
  20. Whakatane
  21. Whangarei
  1. Adelaide
  2. Brisbane
  3. Bundaberg
  4. Cairns
  5. Geraldton
  6. Hobart
  7. Mackay
  8. Melbourne
  9. Newcastle
  10. Parramatta
  11. Perth
  12. Sydney
  13. Toowoomba
  14. Townsville


Many of the personality assessments we recommend can be delivered online, unsupervised anywhere in the world.

For our un-proctored tests we allow the candidate the option to do these assessments in their own time at home or work, as long as they follow our guidelines to ensure the testing conditions are conducive to ensure accuracy and consistency of responding.

Alternatively, we do have paper based back-ups for many assessments in case candidates have no computer or internet access. 

When administering assessments we use several methods to prevent, detect and correct for attempts by an individual to fake their personality assessments - read more about faking faking personality assessments

Unsupervised or Un-proctored Ability Tests

Some ability tests have been designed to be done unsupervised, which can be useful when candidates are based outside of main centres or in other countries, where it is difficult or prohibitively expensive to find trained administrators to proctMany tests can be delivered online anywhere in the worldor the tests.

When it comes to un-proctored ability tests Niche has the following ability tests that can be delivered online, without supervision:

In situations where either speed of turnaround is an issue or where it is cost prohibitive to do normal supervised ability tests, these are good alternatives to consider as you can still get some information about raw abilities and intellect. However there are downsides to unsupervised tests which are discussed - click here read more about unproctored ability testing 

One note of caution however, most of the test suppliers of unproctored ability tests currently advise that it is highly recommended that further testing is undertaken in a supervised/proctored setting later to verify these scores rather than rely on these alone to make a judgement of the individual’s ability. 

Our test administrators aim to make the assessment process as stress free as possible for the individual, and that includes us taking great care to have them calm and able to do their best in a supervised testing session. 

We have candidate information about the assessments for them to read as well as practice items they can do prior to the actual administration session.

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