At Niche we take great care in ensuring the candidates who undertake assessments are given the respect, care and service they deserve.  Candidate CareDoing psychometric assessments especially in a recruitment and selection process can be a stressful and time consuming process.

Our administrators are fully trained in test administration to ensure the standardisation of the process and that each candidate is treated fairly and has the best opportunity to perform to their best.

At Niche we look after the candidates taking psychological assessments in the following ways:

1. Prior to the Test Administration

We explain the process to ensure the candidate knows how to do their best
  • Contacting the individuals discreetly and ensure their privacy is protected
  • Answering any questions they may have about the process and the assessments.
  • Providing pre-assessment information to the individual about the process, what to expect, and how to prepare.
  • Where appropriate, providing sample test items to allow them to practice and/or familiarise themselves.
  • Providing detailed instructions on how to complete the tests and how they can ensure they do their best in a testing session.
  • Asking individual’s to read and sign our consent form which tells them about their legal rights, what happens to the results and they consent to the process under the conditions outlined.

2. At the Supervised Test Administration Session

  • Asking the individual if there is anything that might affect how they take the assessments – such as being sick or having a recent traumatic event affect themWe make the candidate comfortable and ensure they can do their best.
  • Taking care in the supervised test administration session to calm the candidate, if nervous, and take them through the assessment process and answer any questions they have at that point.
  • Taking them through the test makers’ practice items and ensure they fully understand what is required of them in each assessment.

3. After the Assessments are Complete

  • Once the assessments are complete we contact the candidate to give them a thorough feedback on their results.
  • After their feedback we send the individual a survey to complete online about how they found the Niche experience from start to finish.  We do this in order to understand and action any areas we can improve on to enhance the candidate experience. 
  • The survey can be completed anonymously or they can leave their name if they wish us to contact them to discuss their comments.

Candidate Feedback

Accuracy of the resultsAs Registered Psychologists we are ethically required to give candidates feedback on the assessments they complete with us. 

Even if this was not an ethical requirement, Niche would want to do this to ensure the following:

  • The accuracy of the results
  • Find out if there are any extenuating circumstances that may have affected them in taking the assessment, which we should pass on to the client
  • Gain their agreement that the results are a fair assessment of how they see themselves and their abilities, preferences and attributes
  • Have them see the value of the assessment information and gain something useful out of the assessment process

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