Motivation Questionnaire (MQ) Overview

The Motivation Questionnaire (MQ) is a psychological assessment designed to measure factors which influence how much energy and Understanding Motivatorsmotivation will be unleashed in an individual. 

These factors can be divided into four areas:

  1. Energy and Dynamism: Where the person gets their energy from and “what drives them”
  2. Synergy :  How important environmental comfort factors are to maintaining their motivation
  3. Intrinsic: Motivators to do the job itself
  4. Extrinsic: The rewards and outcomes which are important to the individual

Motivation Questionnaire Overview

  • 144 items
  • 18 scales
  • Untimed and takes approximately 20 minutes to complete

Motivation Questionnaire Scales

Energy & Dynamism

De-motivated by being rushed; Likes to take time over tasks and works better without pressure

Level of Activity

Motivated by time pressure; likes to be on the go and invests energy readily.

Not overly concerned about targets and may seek only moderate challenges


Motivated by the achievement of targets and strives to overcome challenges

De-motivated by competitive environments


Motivated by comparing own performance with others.  Attempts to perform better than others

Fears facing failure or criticism and will switch off instead of increasing their effort

Fear of Failure

Self-esteem is maintained by the need to succeed.  Thoughts of failure increase activity levels

Positions of power, influence and authority aren’t actively pursued


Motivated when given responsibility.  Likes to use authority and be influential

Does not like work commitments taking up part of personal life


Will immerse self and work extra hours when necessary.  Likes feeling involved in job

Profits and finance are not overly concerning

Commercial Outlook

Likes to be financially rewarded for hard work.  Enjoys creating wealth and profits


Need for interaction with others is limited


Motivated by meeting people and helping others

Not overly motivated by praise and congratulations.  Seeking recognition is not a priority


Being supported is a motivator.  Likes to be recognised for achievements and good work.

Has little concern for quality of work, morals or ethics

Personal Principles

Does not like to compromise ethics, morals or quality of work

Not overly concerned about job security, is willing to take a risk.  Being inconvenienced is not an issue

Ease & Security

Job security is a high priority.  Prefers to be in a pleasant environment

Opportunities to learn and develop are not overly motivating

Personal Growth

Thrives on opportunities to develop and acquire new skills


Not motivated by variety or degree of interest in work


Finds repetitive work de-motivating.  Enjoys being stimulated with varied and creative tasks

Systems, structures and clear guidelines are a motivating factor in work environment.  Ambiguity is not tolerated


Prefers freedom and less structure.  Ambiguity is highly tolerated

Happy to be supervised and have guidance from others


Close supervision is a de-motivator.  Prefers to work alone using own approach


Not overly concerned with financial benefits linking to performance

Material Reward

Poor or unfair remuneration is a de-motivator.  Believes success should be rewarded financially

Not motivated by advancing self.  Is not concerned with the prospects of promotion


Advancing/progressing in work is motivating.   

Status, rank and position are generally not a concern


Status, rank and position are a concern.  Lack of respect from others is a de-motivator

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