The GeneSys personality tools available on their system include the following:

15 Factor Questionnaire (15FQ) (30 minutes, untimed)

Personality QuestionnairesThis personality assessment gives an extensive computer generated report which gives a full personality analysis covering work ethic, interpersonal and client relationship skills and personal motivators and drivers.

The report from this personality assessment covers the individual’s strengths, areas for development, Belbin team type, subordinate style, leadership style and communication style.

Occupational Personality Profile (OPP) (20 minutes, untimed)

A computerised personality assessment which looks at personality around 9 factors.  Produces a narrative report on interpersonal needs, thinking style and emotions.  It predicts role characteristics, preferred career themes, management and selling styles.  It also provides some areas to probe in interviews.

Values and Motives Inventory (20 minutes, untimed)

Profiles the motivating forces that are likely to determine the amount of energy or effort that an individual is likely to expend in particular activities. The VMI covers three broad areas (personal, interpersonal and extrinsic) of behaviour relevant to the workplace.

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We have other assessment tools in the following categories:











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