The DiSC personality assessment is not an assessment tool we would recommend to our clients for the following reasons:The DiSC is not recommended and has questionable validity
  • The substantiating evidence backing up the DiSC’s test construction does not meet the criteria established in the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing
  • It is an ipsative measure of personality which is not a recommended type of test for recruitment by psychologists – read more about ipsative tests
  • The validity data for the DiSC is questionable
  • The reliability data for the DiSC is questionable
  • The use of the DiSC is not recommended by The Buros Institute of Mental Measurements – this institute is the recognised professional body that tests the tests and test publishers – read more about Buros Institute

The tool uses only 28 items where the individual chooses 2 responses from 4 single word descriptions.  They choose one word that is most like them and one word that is least like them. 

The answers from these 28 questions then produce a report that is 23 pages in length – this raises a serious question about the quality of the information generated from these few words that are selected. How can such a long report honestly be produced from so little initial information?

The following is taken from the Buros Test review of the DiSC Classic:

"SUMMARY. The DiSC Classic is an easy-to-use, well-organized self-assessment of behavior responses to work environments. On the surface level, it appears that the instrument is useful in personal or professional development. However, the test suffers from questionable reliability and unknown validity. The measure is also remiss in its lack of reliability and validity for diverse ethnic/racial populations and professional occupations. Therefore, the use of the DiSC is not recommended. "

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