Personality assessments are a form of psychometric assessment that gives information about the individual personality preferences and personal qualities. Good personality assessments can uncover many aspects of a person's personality and preferences which will then predict their likely behaviour. 

Personality Assessments are sometimes also called:Personality Profiling tells us about a person's preferences

  • Personality Questionnaires
  • Personality Inventories
  • Personality Profiles
  • Personality Profiling

Personality assessments combined with ability tests and/or motivation and values questionnaires are referred together as psychometric assessments

Personality Questionnaires may answer the following questions:

For Recruitment
For Development and Career Planning
  • “How are they going to go about doing the job?”
  • “Do they have the right attitude and preferences to fit in?”
  • “Are they detailed and hard working?”
  • “Can they lead a team effectively?”
  • “Do they have the competencies required for the role?”
  • And many more aspects of their personality fit with the role
  • “What types of roles are their preferences best suited to?”
  • “What type of organisation and industry would they prefer?”
  • “What type of leader do they like and need?”
  • "What different careers might suit their strengths and interests"
  • And many other career questions

Read more about each of the following personality assessments:

The preferences personality assessments tend to measure fall into the big 5 personality characteristics:The big five personality characteristics

  • Emotional Stability
  • Extroversion
  • Openness
  • Agreeableness
  • Conscientiousness

Read more about the Big Five Personality Dimensions read more about the big five

Together personality profiles, ability tests and values assessments may assist in analysing individuals for a variety of purposes – such as recruitment, development or career analysis.

Personality assessments have been criticised by some in that some are easy to fake - read more about faking.faking

We have other assessment tools in the following categories:Other types of assessments that might be used alongside personality assessments

































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