We provide the following assessments for personal development of individuals and these assessments can be purchased online through our website and paypal.

Each of the below assessments can be done online in your own time. Once purchased we will send you the instructions to complete the assessment and once complete we will email you the report and provide the feedback purchased. If ordered over the weekend we will action your request on the next business working day in New Zealand.

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Californian Psychological Inventory (CPI) 260 Assessment and Leadership Coaching Report – assesses personality preferences including leadership, interpersonal, motivation and planning which map to leadership competencies. The assessment and report gives information on the areas that are strengths and those that are potential development areas.

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Hogan Development Survey (HDS) Assessment and (HDS) Challenge Report – This tool assesses 11 potential leadership derailers or flaws that impact on a leaders ability to effectively influence, lead and motivate others. The assessment and report gives detailed feedback on leadership competencies and developmental suggestions for elevations on any of the 11 potential derailers.

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Strong MBTI Career Assessment and Report – The Strong matches your interests with six types of work environments and the MBTI assessment describes your personality type and matches it with types of work. Together the assessments give detailed information on the types of career fields and occupations that might suit a person based on their interests and personality type.

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Campbell Interest and Skill Survey Report – This is a self report assessment of both skills and interests which can assist individuals to identify different occupations that may be both of interest but also match skill sets.  By measuring both skills and interest the tool can give an indication of areas that are good to pursue (high interest, high ability), avoid (low interest, low ability), explore (low interest, high ability), or develop (high interest, low ability). 

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