Uncovering People's Motivators and Values Using Psychological TestsMotivated and satisfied employees tend to be more productive

Values and motives psychometric assessments uncover the person's motivators and core values which can affect how they go about their work. 

What you value in your work environment can also impact on your motivation and satisfaction, depending on whether those work aspects are available or not to you in your current role.

These tools provide an evaluation of a person’s fit with the organisation culture, team, manager and motivators available within the environment. 

Understanding Motives and Values can assist in lowering Staff Turnover 

  • Someones values and motivators will effect where they are most happy and satisfiedIf we define the culture and motivational factors available within an organisation and then we can screen candidates to ensure they will be motivated and satisfied in this environment. 
  • A case study in the financial services showed that by implementing a values and motives assessment into their recruitment screening process they reduced their employee turnover 62.5%, down from 48% to 18% in one year, which was a large return on investment (ROI) for the organisation. 

Motives & Values assessments answer questions about an individual such as:

  • “What motivates an individual to do well?”
  • “What values does the individual bring with them to the job?”
  • “How will the individual fit with the culture we have here?”
  • “What type of work environment motivates the individual?”
  • “Does our culture fit with the individual's values and motives?”

If we can discover employees wants, needs and drivers, then the organisation and manager can try to adapt parts of the individual’s role, environment, and the manager’s own leadership style to maximise the fit with the individual’s needs, and therefore enhance an individual’s motivation and job satisfaction.

Values and motives assessments can be used for development or to help screen candidates prior to employment for fit

Niche Consulting has the following motives and values assessments currently available:

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