Knowing what motivates people can help you get them to stayThe Hogan Motives, Values and Preferences Inventory (MVPI) assesses 10 different motivational aspects which can affect a person’s fit with the organisational culture. 

This psychometric assessment provides information on a person’s interests, motives and drivers as well as provides data for a manager on how to motivate them. 

In addition to the information on these 10 areas, the MVPI gives a breakdown of the person around where these preferences may display themselves. 

There are 5 different areas of motivation:

  • Life Style – do they get motivated by these preferences in the way they like to live their life outside of work.
  • Beliefs – do they espouse this preference as a good thing or believe in it generally, without necessarily being motivated by it. 
  • Occupational Preferences – do they like this preference in the occupation(s) they have. 
  • Aversions – do they have adverse reactions to some values or preferences and do they find that they dislike or get de-motivated when surrounded by these values or preferences. 
  • Preferred Associates – do they like to be around other people who show these values and preferences. 

Hogan Motives Values and Preferences Inventory Overview

  • 200 items
  • 10 primary scales
  • Untimed and takes approximately 30 minutes to complete

Hogan Motives Values and Preferences Inventory Scales


valuing creative and artistic self expression, an interest in art, literature, and music, lifestyle guided by imagination, culture and attractive surroundings.


valuing frequent and varied social contact, an interest in working with others, and a lifestyle organised around social interactions.


valuing improving society and actively helping others, an interest in helping those less fortunate and making the world a better place.


valuing business activities, money, and financial gain, an interest in realising profits and finding business opportunities.


valuing good company and good times, an interest in pleasure, excitement and variety.


valuing success, being influential, asserting authority and control and outperforming others.


valuing fame, being seen, visible, and noticed by others.


valuing learning, an interest in new ideas, technology, and analytical problem solving, and a lifestyle organised around exploring and understanding how things work.


valuing certainty, predictability, and risk-free environments, an interest in structure and order.


valuing history and convention, an interest in high standards and appropriate social behaviour, and a life organised around well established principles of conduct.

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