The Hogan Development Survey (HDS) is a psychometric assessment that assesses 11 common dysfunctional dispositions The Dark side of personality that can interfere with a person’s ability to build relationships with others and create cohesive, goal oriented teams. 

These dispositions typically only are seen when the individual is highly stressed or overloaded and they are not able to actively manage their public image. 

People typically have 2-3 elevated scores and these are likely to be the behaviours seen under pressure. 

Hogan Development Survey Overview

  • 168 test items
  • 11 primary scales
  • Untimed and takes approximately 30 minutes to complete

Hogan Development Survey Scales


behaviour that ranges from emotional calmness to emotional explosiveness.


behaviour that ranges from having confidence in others & expecting the worst.


behaviour that ranges from confidence to undertake new activities to a reluctance to try new things.


behaviour that ranges from caring about the problems of others to seeming unconcerned about other people.


behaviour that ranges from cooperative & open to feedback to being stubborn, irritable & hard to coach.


behaviour that ranges from modesty & self-restraint to assertive self promotion & unrealistic expectations of self.


behaviour that ranges from seeming quiet & unassuming to seeming charming impulsive & limit testing


behaviour that ranges from modesty & quiet restraint to dramatic & colourful self expression.


behaviour that ranges from level headed, sensible, & practical to imaginative, usual & unpredictable.


behaviour that ranges from being relaxed & willing to delegate to being meticulous, prickly, & critical.


behaviour that ranges from being willing to challenge authority to being too conforming & indecisive.

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