Group exercises are a behavioural simulationBehavioural exercises are a way to gather samples of real behaviour from a candidate in an exercise designed to measure certain competencies. 

Behavioural exercises are most often used as part of an indepth recruitment process or as part of an assessment/development centre.

We have designed and delivered the following types of behavioural exercises that can be used alongside individual psychological assessments:

  • Group Exercises – How do they handle a scenario in a group setting where they need to work on a problem or solve an issue together?  Group exercises are individually marked, but rely on competencies that link into interaction with others.
  • Presentation Exercises - How do they handle a Presentations exercises may be used to see a real life example of their skills in this areapresentation they need to either prepare for or do in an impromptu manner?
  • Role Plays - How do they handle a person or situation in a role play? Role plays are behavioural exercises that the individual has to play a role within constraints and is rated on their ability to handle the situation appropriately.
  • 360◦ Surveys – How do others rate them on the areas of interest?  Do their peers, manager, direct reports and others all see what they do are their strengths and development areas?
  • Portfolio analysis – How does their past work rate?  For roles where an assessment of someone’s work, such as a teacher or graphic designer, is of interest, portfolio analysis gives more information about someone’s work outputs.
  • “Day in the life of” Assessment Centre exercises – How do they handle a real day at your workplace?  This exercise has the candidate go to an office with one way mirrors for the assessors and have to deal with a day’s work which on the surface seems very real and reflective of a job’s daily challenges. They might be asked to prepare a presentation for the end of the day and have emails to clear as well as have visitors who drop in and want information from them.
  • Intray exercises give them a real life scenario of a person's work to do in a set period of timeIntray/Inbox Exercises - How do they handle an actual group of items that need actioning in a set period of time? Intrays are behavioural tools where the individual is given real life activities derived from the job.
  • Interviews – Behavioural Event Interviewing or the Situational Interview are interview techniques that rely on the candidate giving real life examples of events where they have had to display a specific competency.  This interview technique has been proven to be the most predictive of on the job performance.

Our Psychologists have developed many role plays, intrays, group exercises and other work simulations for our clients.  We are also qualified to administer the library of Assessment & Development Centre Exercises provided by AC-EXS.

We have other assessment tools in the following categories:Other types of assessments that might be used alongside personality assessments

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