Verbal fluency and verbal comprehension tests are Verbal comprehension is about English language skillsdesigned to assess a person’s grasp of the English language often through their breadth and width of vocabulary.

English language skills are more relevant in some roles than others, though most roles in NZ do require a basic level of literacy. We also offer basic English literacy tests, which differ from the straight comprehension tests.

A more complex verbal comprehension test may be useful when recruiting for a role that requires a high level of written English language skills, such as a marketing or PR role.

EAS8 – Word Fluency Ability Test

  • 5 minutes in length.
  • The examinee's task is to write as many words as possible beginning with a designated letter.
  • Administration can be done supervised or unsupervised.
  • Paper based administration only.
  • This ability test measures flexibility and ease in verbal communication.

VMT1 – Verbal Application Ability Test

  • 20 minutes in length.
  • 35 test items.
  • Administration needs to be supervised.
  • Measures the ability to understand the meaning of words, logic within sentences and the use of grammar; the ability to complete or correct high-level written text.
  • Most often used at the middle to senior management level.

EAS1 – Verbal Comprehension Ability Test

  • 5 minutes in length.
  • 30 test items.
  • Version A administration needs to be supervised; Version B administration can be done online unsupervised.
  • Online and paper based versions of the test.
  • This verbal comprehension ability test measures the ability to understand written words and the meaning associated with them.
  • For each item, the examinee selects the synonym for a designated word from the four possibilities presented.
  • This ability test determines how broad a vocabulary a person has for both written and oral communication.
  • This test is relevant to all roles where a strong grasp of the English language is required.
  • Niche Consulting has developed extensive NZ business norms for this tests, in addition to the test publishers norms.

MOST - Word Meanings Ability Test

  • 12 minutes in length.
  • 40 possible correct items.
  • Administration needs to be supervised.
  • Paper based version only
  • This word meaning ability test is a measure of language comprehension and word choice.
  • Candidates have to identify words that have been used incorrectly and then choose a sensible replacement from a list of words. 
  • This ability test is helpful when trying to assess an individual’s language skills.

We have other ability tests in the following categories:Different roles require different abilities