Mechanical reasoning testsMechanical reasoning tests are often used to assess skills required for those in technical roles that require a level of mechanical understanding and reasoning.  

Occupations where such tests may be useful include roles such as:

  • machine operators
  • electrical technicians
  • process operators

Mechanical Reasoning Ability Test – Genesis

  • 15 mins, timed.
  • Administration needs to be supervised.
  • Online version only.
  • This ability test looks at a person’s broad ability to understand physical principles in operation in the real world.
  • Useful in determining a person’s ability to learn the principle of operation and repair on complex devices.

Verify Mechanical Comprehension Test

  • 10 minutes in length
  • This test is relevant to many technical roles, the Mechanical Comprehension test is designed to measure a candidate’s understanding of basic mechanical principles and their application to devices such as pulleys, gears and levers.
  • Unsupervised administration online and a rotating bank of test items is used.
  • Typically used for production, manufacturing or engineering-related recruitment or development, the test is often deployed to assess school leaver suitability for modern apprenticeship schemes, the practical application abilities of science and technology graduates or those with work experience looking to move to a technical role.

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