Diagramming tests are about following complex instructions to mimic IT commandsDiagramming tests are often used in the area of Information Technology to assess skills needed in IT roles such as software engineers, systems analysts and programmers. 

These psychometric diagramming tests measure the ability to follow complex instructions often in the form of coded symbols and use these like they would use programming commands.

Often the diagramming tests ask the person to use a flowchart and series of rules to solve new problems with.

DIT6 – Diagrammatic Reasoning

  • 35 mins, timed.
  • 40 test items.
  • Administration needs to be supervised.
  • Paper based version only.
  • This ability test assesses the ability to infer information from a symbolic system and to apply these rules to new situations. 
  • This testis a high level measure of symbolic reasoning ability and is especially relevant to roles that require the capacity to work through complex problems in a systematic and analytical manner such as systems analysis and program design.

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