Wide Range of Robust Psychometric Assessments

At Niche we utilise a wide range of high quality psychometric tests and psychological assessments from many national and international suppliers. 

  • We strive to recommend the best psychometric tests and assessments to fit with the client and organisation’s needs and objectives.
  • We have well researched aptitude, personality, values and motivational questionnaires that allow us to evaluate a person’s preferences in a thorough, valid and rigorous manner. 

Our Psychometric Assessment Toolbox has the following features:

Psychological assessments sourced from many different international providers
We are not aligned to any one test maker, so we have no vested interest in recommending one psychological assessment over another
We combine different assessments from multiple providers to come up with the best battery of psychological assessments for the specific need
We recommend the best psychometric assessment tool out there to suit the need
  1. We do not align with any one psychometric test maker, and have no vested interest in recommending one psychometric assessment over another to our clients.
  2. We draw from many different reputable test makers that meet our high assessment standards. 
  3. We pull the best psychological assessments together from multiple test makers to customise our assessment recommendations to our clients specific needs.
  4. We source psychometric tests from around the world and NZ to find the best tests for specific purposes.
  5. We are ethically bound to only recommend well validated and researched psychological assessments.

Combinations of Different Psychological Assessments

  • Often we will recommend a combination of psychometric assessments from multiple test makers to come up with the right battery of assessments for an individual, a role or an organisation.
  • For instance, an in-depth psychological assessment for a leadership role might include a recommendation of up to 4 ability assessments and 3 personality assessments, as well as a behavioural exercise, all which could be from different test makers.

Different tools measure different aspects of fit with a role and satisfaction

  • As the above model shows many things potentially impact on an individual's performance and satisfaction in the workplace. No one assessment tool is good at assessing all or even more than a couple of these things.

We have psychological assessment tools in the following categories:Many different types of assessment measuring different things






























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