Niche Consulting Limited’s philosophy is to support our clients by recommending the best psychometric assessment tools and tests available to suit their situation and need. 

Niche Consulting has extensive experience managing psychological assessment delivery for our clients. We have efficient, timely and customer focused processes that make our psychological testing services easy to use and responsive to your needs.

Efficient psychological testing processes
Timely and responsive  assessment and development customer service
Broad Toolbox of psychometric assessment from International Suppliers
Expert Advice from Psychologists

With Psychological Testing, we pride ourselves in:

Our Psychologists are:

Niche Consulting sources reputable and well researched aptitude, personality, values and motivational assessments from around the world that allow us to evaluate a person’s “fit” with a specific role’s competencies and the organisation’s culture. 

Psychometric Assessment has Many Different Applications:

Psychometric Assessment, sometimes referred to as Psychological Testing, links into many different services we offer and assessment can add value to the following activities:

Psychological assesments have many uses and appplications in business

Broadly psychological assessments fall into the following categories:Today most assessments can be delivered online

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