Our Psychometric Assessment Philosophy and Methodology

At Niche, we have the following psychometric assessment philosophy:

    Combining Psychological Assessment Results to Yield Useful and Meaningful Information
    Indepth Interpretation, Straight-up Advice & Customised Reporting
    We are not aligned to any one test maker, and source psychometric assessments internationally
    We recommend the best psychometric assessment tool to suit the need
  • Multiple Suppliers - We are not aligned to any one assessment publisher or provider – no one test provider has all the best tests and assessments. 
  • No Vested Interest - We have no vested interest in any one tool or test maker, we can remain impartial about which tools are best for the situation or need.
  • In-Depth Interpretation – We prefer to use assessment tools and exercises that require in-depth interpretation by a registered psychologist who can give insight and experience to the likely behaviours an individual will exhibit given their assessment results.
  • Multiple Tools - We typically recommend two or more personality based assessments and two or more ability tests for any assignment to ensure we gather information from multiple angles and influences on behaviour.
  • Best Tools - We recommend the best high quality assessment tools to suit the situation and client, rather than having a few tools we recommend for all clients. 
  • Customised Reporting - While computerised reports have their place, hand customised reporting against competencies and taking into consideration the role and organisation is the most likely to give the best and most in-depth information.

Continual Improvement and Learning

  1. Keeping Up to date with Psychological Research and new Assessment ToolsTo be at the top of our craft we need to have experience and knowledge across multiple assessment tools and methodologies.
  2. We are constantly looking into new tools and systems to ensure we are ahead of the game and can offer the best assessments. 
  3. We invest a lot of time and energy to ensure we are professional, ethical and at the top of our profession so we can add value to our clients’ businesses.
  4. We attend international conferences and ensure we are continually learning and staying up to date with new research.

Systems and Infrastructure

  • International Testing Suppliers & SystemsNiche Consulting has invested in the purchase and development of internet sites and testing platforms needed to administer many different assessments from many different providers. 
  • We have licences and our own internet sites (and/or software) for over 15 different international providers.
  • Our investment in testing systems and infrastructure to manage the assessments, allows us to recommend and interpret an extremely wide suite of assessment tools to suit specific client requirements.
  • Niche Consulting has developed NZ norms for many of the assessments we recommend.  These norms are split into specialised job groups and different levels. Read more about our assessment norms read more about our assessment norms

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NZ Psychological Society
SIOP - Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology
ITC - International
Testing Commision

APA - American Psychological Association































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