Below are some common errors and frequently asked question, click on each to see the answer:


I could not download the test. The test window does not appear at all.

You might have an anti spamming program (or pop-up blocker) installed, which is blocking the test window from popping up. Temporarily disable any pop-up blocking programs if the test window does not initially appear. Remember to reactivate these once you have finished testing. (See Disabling Pop-up Blockers).

What if I need to log off in the middle of the process?

If you have started the timed component of the ability tests you will not be able to log off and log back in again - you must complete the whole test before you log off.

I get the following window when I try to do the Practice Test.

This message will come up if your Internet Security settings are not correct.


Go into Tools>Internet Options>Security>Custom Level. Select Medium and click on Reset, then OK.


The test window says Flash is not enabled and not supported.

This window will appear if Flash is not installed on the computer. The tests use Macromedia Flash to deliver the tests in a separate pop-up window. Make sure you have the correct version of Flash or download it if you do not have it installed. (See Flash Settings)


Results are not saved due to break in Internet connection.

If the Internet connection dropped out while you were completing the test, you would receive the following message once you have completed the assessment. Please note that the test will run uninterrupted if the connection drops out.


Copy the string of numbers from left to right and paste/save into a Word or Excel document. Note down the encrypted number shown above and click on Exit.

You should then be asked to ensure the Internet link is back up and running, log back into the site and start the test again.

When the test begins to load you may be presented with a screen as shown below.


Alternatively, depending on how your system is configured, this will happen automatically and the system will update the results without manual intervention.

In both cases, you will be presented with another screen confirming that the results have been submitted. Make sure you click on Exit and then click through any following pages.


To ensure that these results are saved in the Cookie, please make sure Cookies are enabled.

Will the system log me out if I'm logged in but haven't submitted any information for a while?

YES. To protect personal information, the system automatically logs out users after short periods of no activity. If you are automatically logged out of the system, you will be returned to the login page and asked to log back in.

The system will never ‘time’ you out during the tests until the full time of the assessment has been run. You cannot log out and log back in during an assessment.

After reading the Instructions for the test, the system told me that my ‘browser configuration’ is not correct.

Using the settings above and your browser Help menu identify what might be causing the conflict and change your settings accordingly.

A screen has appeared with no results string.

This screen will only appear if you have clicked on the Back button in the browser or tried to refresh the page. The only action you can take is to ring the administrator who  can reset the particular test you were attempting.

No String

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