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September 2017 read more

  • Updated research on the most predictive selection methods – spoiler alert - IQ testing is still the most predictive of on the job performance!
  • Generational and Gender differences in faking of personality assessments – Are Millennials different in their faking behaviour?
  • Is IQ stable from childhood to old age – research findings

August 2016 read more

  • Best Practice measurement and assessment
  • Niche norm Update
  • Are there differences in personality and ability for different levels of leadership?

November 2015 read more

  • Fraud in academic research
  • Hogan Development Survey release of new sub-scales

September 2013 read more

  • Setting Meaningful Goals
  • Using psychometric assessments in redundancy situations - a cautionary tale
  • Feedback reactions and implications for leadership development

March 2013 read more

  • Hire for attitude not skills
  • Cheating and fraud in psychometric assessments
  • Learning Agility - "old wine in new bottles"
  • Test length and selection decision quality

July 2012 read more

  • Assessments and Smart Technology
  • Candidate's reactions to Unsupervised Internet Testing (UIT)
  • Unsupervised Internet Testing (UIT) - Concerns and Considerations
  • The Peter Principle

December 2011 read more

  • The invisible gorilla - how our minds deceive us
  • Spotlight on the SPQ_GOLD
  • Crowd behaviour and diffusion of responsibility
  • The Illusion of confidence

April 2011 read more

  • Human nature it is not all bad
  • Spotlight on the CPI
  • CPI - getting a 3100% ROI and 31% reduction in turnovernewletters
  • Are our exectutives really that bright

December 2010 read more

  • Assessment turnaround times
  • Self-deception and narcissim
  • How much do we really lie?

September 2010 read more

  • A brief history of personality assessments
  • Warnings to help prevent faking
  • Motivation - what drives us

April 2010 read more

  • New Norms for 2010
  • Tips to Overcome Procrastination
  • Spotlight on the PRB
  • Changes to candidate feedback process

December 2009 read more

  • 2 types of IQ and IQ testing
  • Competencies vs Job Analysis
  • Leadership Behaviours and Organisational Decline
  • Strategies to contend with Faking

August 2009 read more

  • Safety Research and Assessments
  • Contracting versus permanent staff
  • Niche standard ability tests go online

April 2009 read more

  • What is the recession doing to our Psyche?
  • 10 Tips for leading staff through change effectively
  • Assessment Centres – current trends

November 2008 read more

  • The impact of Job Insecurity on Employee Motivation
  • What is the difference between a Psychologist and non-Psychologist?
  • Using Assessment information for Development Purposes

September 2008 read more

  • SIOP Conference San Francisco
  • Faking Research and the CPI
  • Change Management and Redundancy Support

April 2008 read more

  • How do you know an assessment is valid?
  • New IQ test for ESL candidates
  • Online unsupervised ability tests available

December 2006 read more

  • Why do people act unsafely in the workplace?
  • Candidate feedback

March 2006 read more

  • The Dark side of Personality – HDS
  • How do you know what motivates your people?
  • Why does the CPI ask those questions?
  • How do you know a test is good?

September 2005 read more

  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Counterproductive Work Behaviours
  • Integrity & IQ








































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