Organisational surveys fall into 3 categoriesNiche Consulting designs and delivers surveys and these surveys fall into three categories:

Organisational Climate/Culture Surveys

Climate surveys are designed to measure an organisation’s vitality and any inhibitors to the long-term business success.

We have off the shelf surveys as well as the capability to design and customise a survey to meet a client's requirements.

360 Degree Surveys

A 360-degree survey is a survey designed to given an individual feedback from many angles which might include:

  • Themselves
  • Their manager
  • Their peers
  • Their direct reports
  • Their customers

Typically 360 degree surveys are designed to measure leadership competencies or communication competencies.  We will design surveys from scratch or can deliver standard surveys.Organisational Surveys are like taking pulse of the organisation at the time

As part of this process we administer the surveys, co-ordinate and collate responses, analyse data, provide reports and personalised feedback.

Exit Interviews

A structured exit process allows an organisation to identify major reasons for turnover and enable issues requiring attention to be addressed. 

All our surveys can be delivered online or in a paper based format.

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