We offer some recruitment services that support the recruitment process for our clients who otherwise are happy to manage the process in-house.

These recruitment support services include:

Recruitment Skills Training

Selecting the right people for your organisation is one of the most critical managerial tasks. 

We teach managers structured interviewing techniquesGetting it wrong impacts many critical areas of the business performance and yet many managers still rely on a “gut feel” when employing. 

Best Practice Behavioural Event Interviewing (BEI) is a skill that can be learnt by managers to improve their recruitment outcomes and ensure there are no messy legal issues arising from a less than perfect interviewing processes. 

We teach the STAR questioning technique which broadly asks for:

  • Situation – Describe the situation
  • Task – Describe the task you were doing
  • Action – Describe the action or actions you took
  • Result – Describe the outcomes that happened as a result of your actions

Behavioural event interviewing is a technique used to illicit real life examples of behaviours from applicants of the competencies developed for the role. 

The behavioural questions ask for an actual time they displayed the behaviour rather than relying on theoretical answers of what they might do in a situation.

Recruitment Skills Training Modules

We offer structured or behaviourally based interview training for managers that can be customised and some or all of the following modules may be included:We offer modules to our recruitment skills training which can be included depending on the need

  • The Principles of Effective Recruitment
  • Defining the Job
  • Defining the Competencies
  • The Legal Aspects of Recruitment
  • Sourcing & Screening Candidates
  • Behavioural Interviewing & Questioning Techniques
  • Use of Assessment Tools in Recruitment
  • Referee Checking
  • Negotiating the Offer
  • Linking Recruitment to Performance Management

Referee Checking

Referee checking takes time and the more targeted the questions often the better the resultsReferee checking can be a valuable part of the assessment process, if handled properly.

However its effectiveness can be limited if the person asking the questions is not experienced in referee checking.

Referee checking is also a time consuming task which may not be the best use of a managers time especially when they have other pressing priorities.

Niche psychologists offer referee checking services to our clients which:

  • Adds value by not only asking the standard referee questions but we can also ask about any concerns that may have arisen from the assessment results. 
  • Is impartial and unbiased, we can probe for critical information.
  • Probes by asking very direct questions about the assessment results and the likely behaviours the candidate may display, the referee is in a position where they are likely to give more specific, valuable and useful information.

We can be impartial, unbiased and objective when it comes to the referee checks, we only want to look after our clients’ interests.

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