In many organisations Competency Profiling has replaced Competency Profiling has replaced traditional Job Analysis in many organisationsTraditional Job Analysis as a means to find a framework for many human resource practices

Traditional Job analysis is a time consuming process that is often focused more on the past and less on the behaviours we want to encourage today in employees. 

Sanchez & Levine (2009) outline the differences between Traditional Job Analysis and Competency Modelling and this is summarised below.


Traditional Job Analysis

Competency Modelling


Describe behaviour

Influence behaviour

View of the Job

An external object to be described

A role to be enacted




Time Orientation



Performance Level



Measurement Approach

Latent trait

Clinical Judgement

At Niche we concur with the above research and believe both Competency Profiling and Job Analysis have their place within organisations and they can compliment each other. 

A thorough Job Analysis identifies:Job Analysis defines the role in many ways

  • The job’s context
  • The job’s duties
  • The job’s tasks
  • The job’s responsibilities
  • The knowledge required to do the job
  • The skills required to do the job

Once a job analysis is complete then a role profile (position description) can be created which outlines:

  • A description of the role
  • The main responsibility areas
  • Key relationships
  • Role dimensions
  • The performance standards and key performance indicators (KPIs)

The emphasis on role profiles or position descriptions should be on outcomes and results, rather than on tasks or processes.

The Niche team has assisted many clients to do thorough job analysis and develop position descriptions for each role.

Once each role’s scope and responsibilities are defined, we can then identify the competencies - read more about competency profiling competency profiling

Job Analysis Process

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