The California Psychological Inventory (CPI) is a very robust and well-researched personality questionnaire.  There is no time limit, however, most people take between 30-60 minutes to complete it. 

  • When completing the CPI questionnaire, you need to indicate whether you believe a number of statements about you are either “True” or “False”. 
  • Do not think too long or too hard about each question but try to go with the first thing that comes into your head. Try not to over analyse what any one question is trying to measure.
  • The CPI was developed in the United States and it does include some American references and items which you have the option to leave unanswered if you are unsure. 
  • We will be using New Zealand business norms for comparative purposes and have used it very successfully in NZ for many years. 
  • The CPI is offered in several languages, the default is English however if you would like to change the language you take the test in then click the language button at the top of the screen before starting the assessment.


When you click on the link at the end of these instructions, you will need to follow these instructions, you may want to print them as a reference:

  1. Click on the Pink button below to redirect you to the testing website. If Security Alert window opens, “click” yes that the site is safe
    • Enter your login: (sent separately to you )
    • Enter your password: (sent separately to you)
  2. Leave the ID code blank or empty
  3. Click on the Log-in button
  4. You will now be logged on to the website where there are some further instructions to read
  5. Pick the assessment CPI and click begin
  6. The batch name should be WEBBATCH, if not select WEBWATCH from pull down menu
  7. You will then need to add your name, gender and the test maker will ask some demographic questions about you, which are optional, then click Continue
  8. Take the test as instructed, remember to be honest and you can leave up to 8 items unanswered, if you want to.
  9. Ideally you should sit the assessment in one sitting, however if you need to take a break in the middle of the test, follow the below steps so your answers will be saved:
    • There is a button at the bottom of the screen that says “save and complete later”. 
    • Click this your answers will be saved and you will be issued with a User ID. 
    • Write this down, as you will need this to log back on to complete it at a later time.
  10. Upon completing the test you will need to submit your answers, wait until the system tells you the test has been submitted successfully, otherwise your results could be potentially be lost.
  11. Click here if you are having issues completing the test for further instructions.

Click here to start the CPI Assessment

The log-on screen should look like below:

CPI website screen shot

NOTE: Very occasionally we have had people have issues with this website saving their responses. If you have issues check your computer has the minimum browser and operating system requirements.

If you are still having problems with the site saving your responses after each page, we recommend you click on the “save and complete” later button at the bottom of the page every few questions, say 20 or so, as this will make sure that your responses are being saved (a confirmation page should appear, indicating your UserID number, write this down as you can use this to log-on again if you have issues.

Alternatively call or email us to assist you.

In addition, should you experience problems we ask that you email us the following in order to help the site’s developers solve the issue longer term:

  • Your User ID (if you get one, when you go to save)
  • Operating System used
  • Web Browser Used, including version number

CLICK HERE to download a pdf of this page

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