Job loss through redundancy is a traumatic event for individuals and many experience a great sense of loss of status and self worth. Outplacement Support shows exiting and remaining employees that the organisation cares

Research by Hanisch (1999) found that the provision of outplacement support assists in:

  • Increasing well-being of individuals
  • Improving the future employment potential of individuals
  • Teaching individuals coping strategies to get through this change and stressful time
Benefits of providing Outplacement to the Organisation:

Exiting employees have:

    • More positive views of the organisation
    • Higher perceived fairness of the process

Remaining employees have:

    • Improved feelings of job security
    • See the organisation is treating exiting employees fairly and with respect
    • Bolster their commitment to the organisation

Outplacement allows people exiting to feel supported through a difficult timeOutplacement support for employees is best practice in redundancy situations.

The provision of Outplacement can enhance an organisation’s image in the marketplace.

Outplacement enhances perceptions of procedural fairness in the redundancy process and reduces the risk of a personal grievance being raised. 

Benefits of Outplacement to the Individual:

Learn excellent skills such as:

    • CV preparationResume writing and preparation
    • Cover letter writing
    • Dealing with recruiters
    • Interview preparation
    • Dealing effectively with change
    • Structured interview techniques

In addition they will:

  • Learn how to adjust and cope with the anxieties that occur with job loss
  • Learn to slow down and don’t panic - better to get the right job even if it takes longer
  • Have the opportunity to take stock and work out what they want
  • Have professional psychological support
  • Have an objective, supportive, and knowledgeable sounding board
  • Become clear about their strengths and what makes them happy and satisfied at work
  • Develop a strategy and different options based on their individual needs and restraints
  • Improve feelings of self worth and well-being
  • Get the “right” next job that fits with their needs and wants

Outplacement services range from counselling support through to job search supportOur psychologists are experienced in providing outplacement support to employees through restructuring situations. 

We can provide onsite support, workshops and ongoing counselling through the grief cycle and to assist the employee in finding another position.

Our programmes are tailored to the client’s needs and budgets as well as to the individual’s unique needs. 

We offer services and programmes that cover the following areas:

  • Counselling and support
  • Career Options Analysis
  • Job Search StrategyOutplacement has been shown to improve the likelihood an individual will get a better job when rehired
  • Personal Goal Setting
  • Psychometric and career assessment
  • Self Marketing Skills
  • Interviewing techniques and video interviews
  • CV preparation
  • Job Search support

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