Job insecurity from restructuring and/or downsizing has significant negative consequences for employees’ health and mental well-being no matter what level they sit in the organisation. 

“Job insecurity” can be one of the more important stressors in employment situations (Hartley et al., 1991).

Job insecurity is associated with:Job Insecurity has major impacts on employees

  • Lower work motivation
  • Lowered job performance
  • Lower employee well-being
  • Higher employee absence and turnover
  • Increased workplace accidents
  • Even rumours about possible downsizing may have detrimental effects on employee well-being. 

During periods of job insecurity, employers must strive to ensure employees have positive perceptions of justice and fairness as well being able to participate in decision making as these actions results in:

  • Increasing feelings of control rather than uncertainty
  • Impact positively on employee work attitudes, performance and well-being

Social support has also been shown to have a positive impact on well-being and stress as has increasing group and organisational cohesiveness and identity.

What leaders and managers do and say daily to staff can increase or decrease their feelings of job security especially in times of change.Our change workshops and coaching is designed to assist people positively through the change

Niche Consulting has specialised change programmes that are designed to minimise the impact of changes on your organisation and staff. 

We can also customise these services around organisations’ and individuals’ specific requirements and constraints.

The following are examples of some of the services we can provide for those who stay in the business and are not directly affected by the redundancies, but who still need support through the change and grief periods:

Coaching and/or workshops for executives & management in:
  • Leadership through change management
  • Communication skills needed through change
Coaching and/or workshops for all staff in:
  • Dealing with Change
  • Stress Counselling
  • Post-restructuring Team Building























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