searching for job opportunities

Have you been affected by redundancy & want help to find a new role?

Do you need assistance to market yourself to employers?

Are you a new mother returning to the workforce?

Do you need to increase you confidence in an interview?

Do you need assistance to improve the quality of your CV?

Niche Consulting psychologists and career advisers have extensive experience assisting individuals to get ready to market themselves successfully. 

We can assist in one or more of the following:Job Search Support

Typically the assistance we offer is in the form of 1-1.5 hour sessions with a Psychologist to cover the areas needed plus exercises and assessments to be completed outside of the session time. 

Should you be interested in a quote for this assistance, please email us.

Benefits of Niche Individual Job Search and CV Assistance programmes:

  • We are not only experienced in career management and career assistance but also a range of areas in organisational development. CV preparation requires time and effort if you want to create a strong first impression
  • Our team are either registered psychologists or are in the process of registering. This provides us with a real breadth and depth of knowledge and experience to draw from.
  • Clients have the option of gaining valuable preparation for undertaking psychometric assessments as part of recruitment processes. 
  • Our psychologists have all had recruitment experience in their previous job history, which allows us to prepare clients for dealing with recruiters more effectively. 
  • We also have strong relationships with many recruitment agencies and work daily assisting in theirInterview preparation and training assists individuals to gain interview confidence recruitment process with a range of clients. This gives us a real edge with what is desired from the recruiter and employer perspective.
  • We provide well researched and scientifically based solutions and adapt these to the particular needs of the individual we are working with. 
  • Our values as a company are to be fair, professional, caring and to have a high level of integrity in all that we do. 
  • As registered psychologists we are bound legally by our code of ethics to provide and look after the interests of our clients. 




































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